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Re: Debian Etch DVD Production

On 11319 March 1977, Henning Sprang wrote:

> I believe we shouldn't let the largest German Linux/OpenSource Fair,
> Linuxtag, happen without being able to give Debian DVD's away, and there
> is another, smaller event here in Hamburg where we could give some DVD's
> away. 

I believe Linuxtag is a lot, but no longer that. I also believe that it
doesnt make much sense to produce etch DVDs now.

*My* current plan is to have something done with Lenny, when its
released, for next Cebit, possibly working together with the
LinuxMagazin if they want.

Anyway, you are of course free to do it, so I send you a contact off
list who you can talk to for prices and stuff. We did work with him in
the past and he usually gives good quotes, taking part of the costs as a
sponsorship on his own (so you add his logo too :) ).

bye, Joerg
Unstable means "subject to rapid change" rather than "full of bugs",
though sometimes it is both :-).

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