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Debian Etch DVD Production

When visiting the Debian booth at this years Cebit I realized, there are
no Debian DVD's available anymore.

I believe we shouldn't let the largest German Linux/OpenSource Fair,
Linuxtag, happen without being able to give Debian DVD's away, and there
is another, smaller event here in Hamburg where we could give some DVD's

So I have searched and found Sponsors for these dvd's(prices and amount
of investment to be cleared, but we will get that!), but now I need some
help and hints on 

* how to build an official Debian DVD and make a case/envelope layout
with sponsor's logos(best would be, just to reuse the linuxtag 2007
edition design, just update the logos and year) 
* where to let them be produced, and concrete numbers about prices (I
have looked up some offers(e.g.
http://www.csmproduction.at/05_preise/index.html), but maybe it's good
stay with a trustworthy producer who did the last dvd's)
* maybe ask the sponsors of previous releases, too, if they are
interested(I can contact Credativ and Univention on my own, but have no
current contacts to others) to support this production
* Who produced tha last DVD's, so I could ask these questions, in case
those people don't read this list?

Any help is pretty much appreciated - I will keep in touch with the
sponsors, but am quite hard working these days, so I will probably not
be able to hack around jigdo(or whatever is needed) to create and test
r3 release multi-arch dvd's on my own.

The first event when we need the DVD's would be 26th of march - any idea
if that's feasible to get something done until then?

Thanks in advance,

Henning Sprang
http://www.sprang.de | http://lazyb0y.blogspot.com/

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