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Re: draft of the release announcement; please review

On 4/6/07, Alexander Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org> wrote:

* Gustavo Franco <stratus@debian.org> [070406 22:43]:

> Do you guys from -publicity and press team consider a new PR pointing
> to the fact that we've added live cd images to the cdimage.d.o after
> we do it ?

Sure;  we only need to discuss if it's "good enough" to be send to
-announce, or should "only" be send to -news.

-news, DWN and times.debian.net might be enough to generate some buzz.
We should make sure that we're spreading the word enough that it will
be worked after the regular release right now, IMHO.

People will complain about the lack of official Live CDs, and we've a
great argument with the fact that debian live switched from
live-package to live-helper and that we still lack the d-i gtk
feature. I hope that we can test it enough after Etch release, build
the images and publish them at cdimage.d.o, following what Steve

-- stratus

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