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Re: draft of the release announcement; please review

On 4/6/07, Alexander Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org> wrote:

You might have noticed some activity on some lists pointing out, that it
might a good idea to prepare a special announcement.

A draft is available at http://people.debian.org/~tolimar/release.txt
and will updated with reflicting your reviews comments and patches to
correct my germish as my time permits it (remember me to set up an svn
(?) repo for that kind of stuff).

I would like to see at least a comment about the Debian Live images.

Steve and Joey, is there any hope to give live-helper a shot with
Daniel and prepare official live images? It seems that the major
drawback was live-package need to run as root, also a issue in
live-helper. I offer my help to workaround this limitation or simple
build the images into xen or vserver guests into at least i386,
powerpc and amd64 debian machines. Thoughts?

-- stratus

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