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Re: draft of the release announcement; please review

Gustavo Franco wrote:
> I would like to see at least a comment about the Debian Live images.

Note that currently the etch website doesn't mention the live images

> Steve and Joey, is there any hope to give live-helper a shot with
> Daniel and prepare official live images? It seems that the major
> drawback was live-package need to run as root, also a issue in
> live-helper. I offer my help to workaround this limitation or simple
> build the images into xen or vserver guests into at least i386,
> powerpc and amd64 debian machines. Thoughts?

I think someone is going to have to push for this, and communicate with the
CD team about this, if it's going to happen. (And it would have been
helpful if it had been done much earlier than today.)

see shy jo

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