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Linux+DVD Special edition only about Debian Etch (Spanish)

Hi List, Greetings from Chile, i had a talk with Paulina Pyrowics from
Linux+DVD (Spanish edition) and the will do a special number about Etch.

They are making articles, but Paulina told me that still they need
articles for the magazine (remember that this will be an entire magazine
about Debian Etch, and will distribute 2 DVD's with the magazine)

I read that Martin Zobel-Helas asked for articles.
my question is: can we translate the articles (in english) to spanish,
and use it for Linux+DVD.
Can anyone do articles in spanish??
I am doing some articles, and a Video with the Installation of Etch.

This magazine is sold in Spain, Mexico and South America.
I think that this is a good oportunity to promote Debian.

Greetins from Chile, Samuel Pizarro S.

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