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Re: Debian backed by HP

* Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> [060815 10:23]:

> > ===
> > Debian welcomes HP's support
> > 
> | HP announced that it has increased Linux distribution support options
> | for customers and expanded its portfolio to include support for Debian
> | Linux.  The company also introduced integrated open source middleware
    ^^^ GNU/Linux
> | offerings for its channel partners.
> > As the first major OEM, Hewlett Packard announced the addition of Debian 
> > GNU/Linux as a fully supported Linux distribution on monday.
> [drop]
> > The support is offered for a range of its BladeSystem server hardware
> > as well as the new t5725 Thin Client hardware.
> > <#include more information about how far 
> > this support goes?

Yes, please use that quote.

> Perhaps the quote "With Debian, just like with Red Hat 
> > and Novell/SUSE, we'll be taking real calls from real customers to address 
> > their support needs" from Jeffrey Wade>
                                       ^^^^ add his title / position.
> Can we back up this quote? I don't have a primary source for this yet.
> Otherwise, it would match quite well.
> > 
> > This is not the first time HP shows appreciation for Debian GNU/Linux:  the 
> > company is donating hosting and bandwidth for a number of servers of the 
> > Debian project.  <#include some blurb of Bdale working at HP here?  Don't 
> > know how to make the connection right now, though.>
> [ drop]

> Support for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution has been available from
> various vendors on a case per case basis for a number of years yet. "I
> find it really pleasing that companies are doing support for Debian not
> because we've negotiated with them, but because customers are asking for
> it." said Debian Project Leader Anthony Towns.

Sounds very good.

Yours sincerely,


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