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Re: Debian backed by HP

[replying to the whole thread so far]

I agree with Tolimar that this is worth more than a DWN item.  I started 
this thread, but as I'll be on the road for the next few days, I'm not able 
to spend time on drafting a press release, much as I'd like to :-/

Anyway, <http://wiki.debian.org/presscoverage> is current with what google 
news allerts carried to me so far, and I think compared with other events 
the number of identical repetitions of the first story/the official press 
text is remarkably low.

Since the HP announcement went out today, I think Debian should issue a 
statement within the next two days or not at all.

Perhaps something like this:

Debian welcomes HP's support

As the first major OEM, Hewlett Packard announced the addition of Debian 
GNU/Linux as a fully supported Linux distribution on monday.  The support 
is offered for a range of its BladeSystem server hardware as well as the 
new t5725 Thin Client hardware. <#include more information about how far 
this support goes? Perhaps the quote "With Debian, just like with Red Hat 
and Novell/SUSE, we'll be taking real calls from real customers to address 
their support needs" from Jeffrey Wade>

This is not the first time HP shows appreciation for Debian GNU/Linux:  the 
company is donating hosting and bandwidth for a number of servers of the 
Debian project.  <#include some blurb of Bdale working at HP here?  Don't 
know how to make the connection right now, though.>

While support for Debian GNU/Linux on hardware from various vendors, 
including HP, IBM and others, has been available on a case per case basis 
for a number of years, this is the first time a major vendor offers support 
as part of a standard package <better language here!>. <here would be a 
good place for a DPL quote :-)>, said Debian project leader Anthony Towns.

<I'm sure you can add more paragraphs here ad lib... :-) >

<about Debian>

<about HP>

As I said, ENOTIME, but perhaps this can be a basis.

-- vbi

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