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Debian backed by HP


Should this (below) be paired by an announcement of Debian?  "Debian is 
proud to see a major vendor supporting Debian on its Server hardware" or 
the like?

HP Backs Debian Linux to The Hilt
InternetNews.com - USA
HP (Quote, Chart) today said it will support Debian GNU/Linux on its 
and BladeSystem servers, adding to a short list of Linux distribution
support ...

HP offers Debian Linux support
CNET News.com - San Francisco,CA,USA
Debian is a steadfastly noncommercial version of Linux. But Hewlett-Packard
will give it a big corporate hug Monday with the announcement ...

I feel Debian is quite underrated as a commercially viable Linux 
distribution due to the non-existence of its marketing departement.  Also, 
I think with HP funding Debian in some not so small ways, it would be 
curtesy to show the Debian actually notices when HP makes a move like this.

(official HP press release is apparently not out yet; see 

-- vbi

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