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Re: Debian backed by HP


* Adrian von Bidder (avbidder@fortytwo.ch) [060814 21:48]:
> Since the HP announcement went out today, I think Debian should issue a 
> statement within the next two days or not at all.

Agreed. I would like to put it at least to DebianTimes, and we can do
that as soon as this list is happy enough. :)

I'll add content, where | marked is directy taken from HP.

> Perhaps something like this:
> ===
> Debian welcomes HP's support
| HP announced that it has increased Linux distribution support options
| for customers and expanded its portfolio to include support for Debian
| Linux.  The company also introduced integrated open source middleware
| offerings for its channel partners.

> As the first major OEM, Hewlett Packard announced the addition of Debian 
> GNU/Linux as a fully supported Linux distribution on monday.

> The support is offered for a range of its BladeSystem server hardware
> as well as the new t5725 Thin Client hardware.

> <#include more information about how far 
> this support goes? Perhaps the quote "With Debian, just like with Red Hat 
> and Novell/SUSE, we'll be taking real calls from real customers to address 
> their support needs" from Jeffrey Wade>
Can we back up this quote? I don't have a primary source for this yet.
Otherwise, it would match quite well.

> This is not the first time HP shows appreciation for Debian GNU/Linux:  the 
> company is donating hosting and bandwidth for a number of servers of the 
> Debian project.  <#include some blurb of Bdale working at HP here?  Don't 
> know how to make the connection right now, though.>
[ drop]

> While support for Debian GNU/Linux on hardware from various vendors, 
> including HP, IBM and others, has been available on a case per case basis 
> for a number of years, this is the first time a major vendor offers support 
> as part of a standard package <better language here!>. <here would be a 
> good place for a DPL quote :-)>, said Debian project leader Anthony Towns.
replace by:
Support for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution has been available from
various vendors on a case per case basis for a number of years yet. "I
find it really pleasing that companies are doing support for Debian not
because we've negotiated with them, but because customers are asking for
it." said Debian Project Leader Anthony Towns.


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