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Re: Debian backed by HP

* Adrian von Bidder (avbidder@fortytwo.ch) [060814 08:08]:
> Should this (below) be paired by an announcement of Debian?  "Debian is 
> proud to see a major vendor supporting Debian on its Server hardware" or 
> the like?

Definitly, yes. What I currently miss is some source-links, though there
are reports on eweek.com and heise.de. That also makes it a bit hard to
add content, so I only have the beginning of a draft (also, is there
somebody at HP we should speak about)?

Subject: HP announces global support for Debian

Hewlett Packard announced global support for the Debian GNU/Linux
distribution during the LinuxWorld Expo. HP offers Debian pre-installed
on server hardware and offers support.


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