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re: Debian Linux Adopts OpenVZ Virtualization Software


Regarding your press release from the third of this month, I would like
to thank you for mentioning us and bringing us in the news, too :)

However, may I invite you to coordinate future press releases regarding
Debian with us via debian-publicity@lists.debian.org?

Beside that a coordinated release from both of us could have gained even
more public recognition, we would have had the chance to improve the
announcement even further (to name two examples: We rather refer to our
Distribution as "Debian GNU/Linux" instead of "Debian Linux" and it
isn't a quite accurate description, that we "adopted OpenVZ").

Thanks again for your contribution to Debian and free software.  I'm
looking forward to a productive colaboration between OpenVZ and Debian.

Yours sincerely,
  Alexander Schmehl,
  Debian Spokesman

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