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Re: DebianTimes

* Junichi Uekawa (dancer@netfort.gr.jp) [060725 00:40]:
> I like the idea, yes.  Considering it as a fallback on not adding news
> RSS feeds to planet.debian.org.

I'm considering to add times in total to planet. :)

> I'm a bit worried about actual implementation handling translations to
> other languages (most of the news sources are already translated to
> multiple languages, I hope), but that probably needs to be added some
> time later.

I have next to no experience with translation, so I need the input from
experienced people on that.

What I thought up until now is:
- There are files for the different languages [Q: per directory? next to
  each other?]
- Any commit is sent out by mail to the people who want it [Q: one list
  for all? or different lists per language?]
- The translations are marked which version of the original file they
  reflect; so, it's relativly easy to see where to work on.
- The published-date of the different translations is the same. [Q: Is
  this useful?]
- Usually commits for the original language should be done "in time"
  relative to the publication-date so that the translators have enough
  time to follow up. [Q: Should there be some marker with "this article
  is not yet completly finished", so that the article is not published
  in the translation?]
- The translators interface would be, in free choice, be via mail, rcs
  (e.g. svn) and web.

What are your experiences? Would that work?


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