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Re: DebianTimes

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Andreas, considering what Junichi and Alexander already told about this,
I would like to just add a couple of points. :-)

On 07/25/2006 11:07 AM, Andreas Barth wrote:
>>I'm a bit worried about actual implementation handling translations to
>>other languages (most of the news sources are already translated to
>>multiple languages, I hope), but that probably needs to be added some
>>time later.
> I have next to no experience with translation, so I need the input from
> experienced people on that.
> What I thought up until now is:
> - Any commit is sent out by mail to the people who want it [Q: one list
>   for all? or different lists per language?]

	Use the already existing debian-l10n-* mailing lists is a good
	idea. :-)

> - The translations are marked which version of the original file they
>   reflect; so, it's relativly easy to see where to work on.

	As Junichi pointed out, webwml and d-i use a similar method, we
	have a header for translators, this header is a comment in WML
	(or XML) and it is used to diff from version to version and
	find out what changed from time to time (also track out-of-date

> - The published-date of the different translations is the same. [Q: Is
>   this useful?]

	We should have a translation-date field, sounds more useful.
	And then we have the Original-Post Date or something like

> - Usually commits for the original language should be done "in time"
>   relative to the publication-date so that the translators have enough
>   time to follow up. [Q: Should there be some marker with "this article
>   is not yet completly finished", so that the article is not published
>   in the translation?]

	Usually translators finish the entire work, *but* sounds useful
	to have something like "not-ready-yet" flags.

> - The translators interface would be, in free choice, be via mail, rcs
>   (e.g. svn) and web.

	Since the beginning of this thread there is one thing I would like
	to ask:

	- Are you thinking about using CVS/SVN/(whatever) to the publish
	  system? Or is it going to be a web based solution (like

	Because it could be really hard (or at least time exhausting) to
	translate (X)HTML files. Perhaps you could think about using
	po4a or something related (wml, xml) so it could be easier to
	deal with the different languages and details of each language.

	Because we also have the i18n Extremadura meeting pretty close
	(September) and it should be a good idea to have this in some
	way integrated to the rest of the i18n framework (maybe not
	now, but ready to get integrated in a near future).

> What are your experiences? Would that work?

	I hope so. :-)

	Kind regards,

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