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Re: Upcoming Release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0

> > Personally, I'd really love to see (4) happen via a wiki page or
> > similar that keeps track of publicity Debian receives and
> > associates related things together, so we can see what people are
> > interested in and what sort of publicity mechanisms actually work
> > for us.
> Do we get www.d.o web stats for that?

www.d.o stats are really not much of a good measurement.  The metrics
which should be used to track the quality of press release are:

1. The reaction of our users. If the users have done what the press
   release have done. It will depend on what the press release was
   about. Could be measured by number of participants in BSP
   before/after, number of distribution downloads before/after etc.
   This is quite difficult to track.

2. Track the press that referred to our press release.  Could be
   analysed from www.debian.org stats, but not necessarily, since not
   all press have links. It should be possible manually to track what
   press covered our PR, and centrally manage the list on a wiki.

3. Track the number of accesses to our press release. Possible to an
   extent via obtaining Web statistics and mailing list subscriptions.
   Not quite sure if this metric is too useful.

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