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Re: DebianTimes


* Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> [060725 16:07]:

> What I thought up until now is:
> - There are files for the different languages [Q: per directory? next to
>   each other?]

Per directory, one directory per language.  So if you are using an rcs (did
I mention that I would prefer svn?) you don't need to check out stuff in
a language you can't understand.

> - Any commit is sent out by mail to the people who want it [Q: one list
>   for all? or different lists per language?]

Again I would say different lists for different languages.  Makes it
IMHO easier to follow changes.

> - The published-date of the different translations is the same. [Q: Is
>   this useful?]

Hmmm... thinking about it... can't think about any case, where it would
be needed to publish a translation later.

Of course translators should still have some kind of "don't publish it
yet, I'm taking a coffee break and let $foobar proofread it, therefore I
already commit it"-feature.

> - Usually commits for the original language should be done "in time"
>   relative to the publication-date so that the translators have enough
>   time to follow up. [Q: Should there be some marker with "this article
>   is not yet completly finished", so that the article is not published
>   in the translation?]

Yes, please.  see above.

Yours sincerely,


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