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Re: Upcoming Release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0

On Mon, Jul 24, 2006 at 05:26:34PM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> That is not true. An updated text was sent to debian-news and
> debian-news-german, but not approved. [...]

We chatted some more about this on irc; one of the things from that
that I think is useful is looking at the press release process as:

    (1) write and edit a PR so that it says something useful

    (2) publish the PR somewhere other people can see it

    (3) promote the PR to journalists and others as appropriate

    (4) keep track of the PRs you've written and how successful they've
        been (ie, which stories in the press were based on them, how many
        hits they've had, any confusion that's resulted from them, etc)

AFAICS, for Andi and HE's PR, (1) mostly happened, though on IRC rather
than here, then (2)-(3) were handed off to -news with the result that
a different PR getting published instead.

I'd like to see -publicity take (2) and (3) into their own hands a bit,
half because there is a disconnect between the way -publicity works and
Joey's priorities for -announce and -news, but also because I think
it's really important we work on developing other ways of talking to
journalists than just posting to our own lists and expecting them to
be subscribed.

Personally, I'd really love to see (4) happen via a wiki page or similar
that keeps track of publicity Debian receives and associates related
things together, so we can see what people are interested in and what
sort of publicity mechanisms actually work for us.

I guess really I look at publishing the PR as something pretty easy --
just posting to this list gives you a URL you can refer people to, and
seems pretty satisfactory to me on that score. It's actually promoting
that's hard, but there're also lots of ways to do that -- whether that
be posts to -news or -announce, links in DWN, comments in blogs or on
planet, private emails to journalists, posters and information sheets
at conferences, direct submissions to places like slashdot or digg,
or submitting articles directly to places like newsforge or lwn. Heck,
we could add some code to the installer to display news items while
displaying progress bars, and have it read news items off the CD, or go
direct to an RSS feed for network installs.

I can completely understand people not being happy with the way -news or
-announce is working at the moment; but I think we can get much more of
a win from working on improving the other areas, since they've received
fairly little attention in the past.


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