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Re: Improving Debian's marketing

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[ CCing debian-www, as I believe they can help us ]

On 06/14/2006 05:40 PM, Enrico Zini wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 14, 2006 at 05:11:06PM +0200, Holger Levsen wrote:
>>So I wont say it's a useless fight. But it surely needs dedication and a long 
>>breath. And I also dont really think, that a change away from WML will happen 
>>(in the closer future)...
> I see that people are mentioning not changing away from WML all the
> time, and it almost seems religious.
> The main deal (AFAIK) with WML, and the big problem with alternatives,
> is translation: I hear that the current setup has a very efficient
> translation infrastructure and process set up, which would be very hard
> to reimplement using a different system.  All the pages in the main
> website are translated in a respectable number of languages.

	There are some ideas to use XML (like d-i manual), it could work.
But we can also pushes changes to WML if it is needed, which means, work
on WML to get it in better shape and attend the Debian needs.

> In case someone is tempted with replacing WML with other systems,
> translation using potfiles is a main requirement that should be taken
> into consideration.

	Also, the i18n infrastructure start to be built, which means that
we have lots of work to build a modular system that will deal with different
file formats and bringing more resourses to i18n/l10n teams. We already use
potfiles in some parts of debian-www, integrated with WMLs. d-i manual also
has a sync script between potfiles and XML pages.

	I don't see WML as a bad thing, because we can still change the
layout and other points and keep using it. As I sent in another message,
there is a discussiong about Debian Website:


	Maybe we should get some input from www team, but I would like
to think that the door for changes (big ones) is open, and together we
can reach the goal. :o)

	Kind regards,

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