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Re: Improving Debian's marketing

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On 06/13/2006 02:57 PM, Joey Hess wrote:
> James Duncan wrote:
>>b) The Debian website.  At the moment, it seems somewhat developer
> Unfortunatly I've seen many attempts to improve the Debian website fail,
> mostly because both the design and implementation (as well as some of
> the preceived requirements etc) for the website seems very resistant to
> sweeping change. I've personally moved on to doing everything on the
> wiki and see www.debian.org as a useless appendage that the project will
> continue carrying around for a while but that's a dead end as it stands
> now. I'd advise against tilting at that windmill. 

	The biggest deal for people trying to help with the website is
understand that we have some really special points:

1) should be readable from a text browser
2) needs a very good infrastructure for translations (and deal with the
   already made translations)
3) needs to be compatible with standards (W3C and so on)
4) needs to deal with the amount of information that we have and with
   some automatic tasks (CD vendors, consultants)

	Wiki is really cool. But a fast moving target for translators
(and it does not handle translations in a very easy way). I'm also a
wiki fan, but I'm also fan of webpages. The web team agrees that we
need some changes, as Holger mentioned, Jutta did lots of changes
lately and she has plans to change the website:


	It is a lot of work and we do not have that many people
involved with the website itself, specially with regards to the
structure and layout.

	As I understood, the web team is open to suggestions and
really interested in see a new Debian Web Site. We just need to
fullfill the needed aspect and do our "get together" to change
that. :)

	Kind regards,
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