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Re: Improving Debian's marketing

* James Duncan (jaduncan@jaduncan.net) [060614 01:00]:
> Being stubborn, I am going to try just a little tilting before I give
> up. ;) What were the percieved requirements that caused problems?  This
> is something I really quite want to look at, and a somewhat defined
> design brief would obviously make that a lot easier.
> I'm tempted to produce a mockup, and I have the following thoughts in my
> mind:
> * must be W3C standard
> * must present ok in lynx etc, degrading gracefully through the use of
> CSS.
> * should ideally work by the CSS pulling in all the surrounding sugar
> for the plain HTML text, so pages can be added/edited easily.
> * should be static in the main, for performance and security reasons.
> * should be greatly simplified on the front page, and introduce an
> easier on the eye
> * should integrate nicely with the wiki (looking at the content on each
> site, the wiki does seem better written and more up to date)
> * should allow user login, and also a link to a report bug form for each
> package
> What do you think the objections are likely to be?

Well, I think nothing is wrong, but it just needs somebody who pushes on
that. If you do it - great. But you need a long push for it (and perhaps
start some other "faster" things in parallel so you are not so
frustrated :).

> Mmm...maybe a press section for the Debian site?  I'm thinking more
> along the lines of the role http://dot.kde.org/ plays for KDE.

Yes, very good idea. If you want hosting/..., please just tell. Also,
domain names within debian.net could be used for that.


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