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Re: Improving Debian's marketing

James Duncan wrote:
> The getdebian idea is good to a certain extent, but most people will
> find the Debian site by googling for it, and debian.org will always
> outrank it, and thus always be the first site seen.

The problem then reduces to one of publicity, which you're good at
right? :-) If there's a very good site for new users then I think
modifying the current web site to point users there is more doable than
redoing the current web site to incorporate it.

> Being stubborn, I am going to try just a little tilting before I give
> up. ;) What were the percieved requirements that caused problems?

It would probably be best to read the debian-www archives and see what
became of people who offered to help with the website usability or
redesign it, I doubt I can summarise exactly what the problems are.

see shy jo

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