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Re: Improving Debian's marketing

On Tue, 2006-06-13 at 13:57 -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> James Duncan wrote:
> > b) The Debian website.  At the moment, it seems somewhat developer
> > focused.
> Unfortunatly I've seen many attempts to improve the Debian website fail,
> mostly because both the design and implementation (as well as some of
> the preceived requirements etc) for the website seems very resistant to
> sweeping change. I've personally moved on to doing everything on the
> wiki and see www.debian.org as a useless appendage that the project will
> continue carrying around for a while but that's a dead end as it stands
> now. I'd advise against tilting at that windmill. 
> > * To download Debian, probably by getting an ISO unless jigdo is made
> > *really* simple for them.
> > * To see about the features that Debian offers.
> > * To look for sources of help from the Debian community.
> IMHO a getdebian.org site that was focused at providing these would be
> one effective way to accomplish this. 

The getdebian idea is good to a certain extent, but most people will
find the Debian site by googling for it, and debian.org will always
outrank it, and thus always be the first site seen.

Being stubborn, I am going to try just a little tilting before I give
up. ;) What were the percieved requirements that caused problems?  This
is something I really quite want to look at, and a somewhat defined
design brief would obviously make that a lot easier.

I'm tempted to produce a mockup, and I have the following thoughts in my
* must be W3C standard
* must present ok in lynx etc, degrading gracefully through the use of
* should ideally work by the CSS pulling in all the surrounding sugar
for the plain HTML text, so pages can be added/edited easily.
* should be static in the main, for performance and security reasons.
* should be greatly simplified on the front page, and introduce an
easier on the eye
* should integrate nicely with the wiki (looking at the content on each
site, the wiki does seem better written and more up to date)
* should allow user login, and also a link to a report bug form for each

What do you think the objections are likely to be?

> > c) Debian Weekly News: In my opinion, Debian need to *generate* news
> > for people to write about.
> I agree and you have some good ideas, however, DWN has always been
> mostly targeted at helping the Debian project communicate with itself,
> so I think another forum might be better for the kind of thing you're
> suggesting.

Mmm...maybe a press section for the Debian site?  I'm thinking more
along the lines of the role http://dot.kde.org/ plays for KDE.

James Duncan
"To any truly impartial person, it would be obvious I am right"

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