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Re: Improving Debian's marketing

* Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org) [060613 19:57]:
> James Duncan wrote:
> > a) Debian did have a press archive at
> > http://www.debian.org/News/press/.  This has not been updated since
> > 2005.  The problem with this is that the project does not have a
> > central overview of how it is viewed in the media, and thus it is
> > difficult to come up with a sane media strategy at first.  A simple
> > selection of major RSS feeds with the appropriate word filters will
> > produce a rough list, and it can then be filtered down to a
> > representative sample.  I'm happy to handle this if people think this
> > is useful.  One thing to note is that this will also include negative
> > press by default - normally I'd suggest a private summary (maybe
> > through debian-publicity) that included these, and a public press
> > showcase with only the positive pieces.  Where do other people stand
> > on this?
> I generally use LWN to keep up with what press is saying about Debian. I
> wasn't aware of News/press and it seems fairly useless as is (not being
> updated). There are several sites that collect debian-related news; you
> can find them aggregated on the front page of wiki.debian.org.

perhaps it would be a good idea to just create a news.debian.{org,net}
entry that is a "debian-related publicity blog" (i.e. where only
authorized people can write to)?


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