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2-3 minute presentation

Darren O. Benham writes:
 > Here's what I have so far... can someone help me polish it?
 > The Debian Project is a group of over 500 volunteers from all over the
 > world.  These people put together operating systems made up of Free
 > Software for many different architectures.

Add: To date, Debian systems have been based on the Linux kernel, but 
work is progressing on an additional version on the GNU project's HURD 

 >Debian is unique in its size
 > version 2.1 has over 1500 different packages and it looks like version 2.2
 > will top the 2000 mark.  Development is open to the public 
publically archived mailing lists and other means".
 >  Software is
 > very integrated due to extensive quality and policy standards.  As part of
 > Debian's contract with society, it will remain 100% Free Software.  Any
 > component written for Debian will be licensed Free and all improvements
 > given back to software authors.  Problems are not hidden but recorded in a
 > publicly accessible database.  Debian will help authors of non-free
 > software
 > provide their wares to Debian users
 >that measure up to Debian's quality
 > standards.
Don't know about this section - what exactly do you mean?
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