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Re: Debian Slides

On Tue, Jun 01, 1999 at 02:41:25PM +1000, Robert Graham Merkel wrote:
> At the moment they are missing:
> a)	notes to go with them - that is the next priority.
> b)	A title slide.  Does anyone have a Postscript (or even larger
> bitmap) version of the logo?
> Feedback would be appreciated.
Comments forthcoming:

Slide 1, point 3:  s/developers over/developers from all over/

Slide 1, point 4:  I would probably say something like Debian's GNU/Linux
comes out of respect for the GNU philosophy or something.  Check out

Slide 2, point 1:  Debian Project and even Debian are not incorporated at
all.  Debian has no legal recognition at all.  Debian uses SPI as it's
legal entity.

Slide 2, point 3:  I'm not sure, but Joe User might not understand tha atom

Just my $.02.

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