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Re: Publicity help: Partners

On Wed, May 12, 1999 at 05:40:12PM +0000, jim westveer wrote:
> I would like to volunteer to help develop the Debian Partners 
> programs.  I believe that recognition of various hardware 
> and software vendors could be extremely beneficial to Debian.
> (normal caveats such as: if handled properly .. if it would
> be beneficial to the partners AND us... etc etc ).
> We are in a unique position where we do not "endorse" products,
> however we do benefit from corporate participation, and
> it is good practice to acknowledge the help companies provide.
My general comments: I'm not satisfied with the way the partners program is
defined yet.  I think we have a ways to go.  We could/should use that list
Nils was talking about to refine the definition, first, before we do
anything else.  (or am I outta the loop and it'd been finialized already??)

After that.. comments on:

> I am proposing the following:
> 1.  Re-establishing the Debian Partners link on our main page.
>     I seem to remember that at one time, the partners program
>     was mentioned on our main www page.  We should be proud/
>     supportive/actively engaged with those companies who
>     are our partners.  
It was a sample page only until we have a program and some actual
partners... The sample pages are still there but we don't want the public
to run across them and start asking for details we don't have ready.

> 2.  Expansion of the Debian Partners pages.  
>     These pages should explain just what the partners program 
>     is, and how to become one. The mention of "my-company.com"
>     on the Debian page, is a big BIG thing!  
Better be ready to explain to someone like IBM or Motorola or Insight
Computers *why* it's a big thing.  There are a lot of really really big
players out there who have only heard of Linux..

> 3.  Debian is looking for....sub-page.  This would be
>     a good way of obtaining the un-obtainable. 
Good idea that's not in the sample apages..

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