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Re: Publicity help: Partners

On 5/12/99, 11:17:13 AM, Nils Lohner <lohner@typhoon.icd.teradyne.com> 


> Yes, it was there, but things were not ready to go.  Now we have a 
> list for internally discussing vendors we should partner with, and 
> have 4-5 people on that list who are also interested in helping out- 
we just
> need someone to coordinate.

Humm...what was the name of that list again ??? partners ???
or are you referring to this list (debian-publicity)...gotta
know what list is internal..and which is public ;)

> Yes, it should be expanded, but No, I don't think something time based 
> good.  That requires more maintenance.  That's what donation pages are 
> for gifts and donations.  The partners program is to thank a vendor 
for an
> ongoing commitment to Debian.

[Jim hates maintenance] .. ok

> I like what you're proposing.  To get the program officially started, 
> first need to get these pages linked in tothe main page, and before 
that we
> need to finish them.  This means that for each current partner, we 
need a
> description of what they're doing for Debian and a link to the page(s) 
> their choice. A quote would also be nice.... Manager X from YCorp: "We 
> Debian because the name sounds appealing, even backwards as 
'Naibed'..." or
> some such comment :)

Ok, I will invent something and put it on my account on master.  I 
will and send you a link when I do.  I will also copy the list for 

> I can give you contact names for each of the vendors currently listed, 
> there are probably more as well that should be added.

Do that, I will put together a checklist of what to ask each
vendor and pass it by the list before I contact anyone.
(back to question 1, which list is internal??? this one ???)

<appoligies if starmail is chopping up this email....me
and it are just beginning to become aquainted..>


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