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Re: Publicity help: Partners

In message <19990512.17401200@fysm.netnw.com>, jim westveer writes:
>Nils et.al.,
>I would like to volunteer to help develop the Debian Partners 
>programs.  I believe that recognition of various hardware 
>and software vendors could be extremely beneficial to Debian.
>(normal caveats such as: if handled properly .. if it would
>be beneficial to the partners AND us... etc etc ).
>We are in a unique position where we do not "endorse" products,
>however we do benefit from corporate participation, and
>it is good practice to acknowledge the help companies provide.

Exactly, that's why the partners program was established.

>I am proposing the following:
>1.  Re-establishing the Debian Partners link on our main page.
>    I seem to remember that at one time, the partners program
>    was mentioned on our main www page.  We should be proud/
>    supportive/actively engaged with those companies who
>    are our partners.  

Yes, it was there, but things were not ready to go.  Now we have a mailing 
list for internally discussing vendors we should partner with, and already 
have 4-5 people on that list who are also interested in helping out- we just 
need someone to coordinate.

>2.  Expansion of the Debian Partners pages.  
>    These pages should explain just what the partners program 
>    is, and how to become one. The mention of "my-company.com"
>    on the Debian page, is a big BIG thing!  
>    Remember that this is endorsement of their company by a 
>    preeminent non-profit organization that is the driving 
>    force in open source operating systems....US. 
>    Many companies would give their first born for such 
>    an opportunity.  We need to temper this with our 
>    requirements/needs.  There needs to be an open 
>    discussion of what companies we engage with.
>    Perhaps we could structure the participation so that
>    a company would only be mentioned for X time given Y.
>    My thought is that the gift of one "fancy widget",
>    would get ones company listed for Z months.  Else we
>    will have someone donate a widget to Debian, and
>    they could remain listed long after the widget is
>    no longer useful/functional.

Yes, it should be expanded, but No, I don't think something time based is 
good.  That requires more maintenance.  That's what donation pages are for- 
for gifts and donations.  The partners program is to thank a vendor for an 
ongoing commitment to Debian.

Expansion would be good, but the basics need to be in place first (more 

>3.  Debian is looking for....sub-page.  This would be
>    a good way of obtaining the un-obtainable. 
>    As an example, lets say it would be useful to have
>    access to "spiffy computer X" for development/testing.
>    As it stands now, the Spiffy computer company might
>    probably donate one, if only they knew of the need.
>    Perhaps this falls under the catigory of: how can
>    my company help support the Debian project....

Good idea.

>These are just random thoughts.  I think that corporate
>participation can be good for Debian.  All that needs to
>be done is outline how we can successfully interact
>with Corporate sponsors.
>I am committed to the idea that Debian will become the 
>Universal Operating platform.
>I would appreciate feedback.

I like what you're proposing.  To get the program officially started, we 
first need to get these pages linked in tothe main page, and before that we 
need to finish them.  This means that for each current partner, we need a 
description of what they're doing for Debian and a link to the page(s) of 
their choice. A quote would also be nice.... Manager X from YCorp: "We use 
Debian because the name sounds appealing, even backwards as 'Naibed'..." or 
some such comment :)

I can give you contact names for each of the vendors currently listed, and 
there are probably more as well that should be added.


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