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Partners Program

Here's a little more detail on the partners program.  I'm thinking about 
sending it out to a few companies we're currently involved with for 
comments, but I'd like to get some more details ironed out before then.

Please comment on this.  The next time I post this I'm going to cross post 
it to debian-private for comments.  I'll also html-ize it when I do that.


Debian Partners Program

What is the Debian Partners Program?
 This program provides a way to recognize and reward companies and projects 
that assist the Debian effort.  Since a these partners are providing a 
service of some sort to Debian, we will officially recognize them and 
maintain a good working relationship with them.

What does Debian do for the partners?
  Debian will work closely with all partners to ensure that Debian 
understands the partners needs and concerns, and vice versa.  This will 
enable Debian to remain properly focused within the market through their 
  Each partner will have a web page that should describe their efforts and 
goals, and how Debian is helping achieve those goals.  This page provides 
information, relevant links, and advertising space for the partner.

What do the partners do for Debian?
  The partners should mention Debian in relevant press materials and web 
pages.  They should work with Debian to promote our interests.

What are the criteria for Partners?
  There are several types of partnerships: hardware, software and service.  
To be a partner, at least one of the criteria must be met.
[note: maybe have 'Exclusive Partners' for some that especially work only 
with us???]

Hardware Partners
- provide equipment to Debian (reduced cost or on loan)
- provide a hardware based service to Debian (net access, etc.)
- assist (or even lead?) efforts to port and maintain Debian packages 
on the hardware

Software Partners
- should be the package maintainers for their software

Service Partners
- assist Debian in development and distributions of releases
- provide a forum for Debian's press releases and announcements

Some example cases and How They Fit
- Novare, VA Research
  o hardware partners
- CD Vendors
  o service partners
- slashdot, freshmeat, LJ, etc.
  o service partners

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