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Re: Partners Program

>   This is a good idea, however it would involve a great deal of organizing 
> and money, and is probably not feasible at this time.  It would be a good 
> idea to perhaps put the services you're suggesting on our web pages, but 
> maintaining something along those lines world wide would take a lot of 
> effort.  We already have a list of vendors (I think even organized by 
> country) on our web pages.
> Comments?
> Nils.
Personally, I think it just takes organization and time,
but  money=time so you can use either depending upon whichever of the
above you have. 

I think that if three advocates of linux get together in a city they can
setup one of these POPs. The requirements for createing a pop include
3 things.

1)   a location with high speed net access
2)   equipment to write CDs and/or other formats distributions
3)   a location where people can go to pickup the CD (the POP)

Note:  1 and 3 do NOT have to be  the same location just as long as you
have enough portable data it can be done.  ex: if there is a company that
will let you download the data and you can some how store it on a jazz
media until you get to the cd writer at the pop you are fine.

BTW, I am not sure that this should only be for debian but that is
political.  I just think that you need 3 linux advocates.
The acutall pop could be setup by a local computer store or book store.
(they would then get some profit on the sales of the disks) and it would
also bost other sales.

Does anybody know of a site on how to write a franchises :-)
Matthew Hirsch
Email: mph@dorsai.org            	Sat Nav: 40 46'deg N 73 59' deg W

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