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Re: Partners Program

	I saw the messages on debian-policy about a partners program
and tried to write to the list but I am not subed.
	I think that debian (and linux in general) should setup
a network of POP's in many major world cities (localities)
A POP being a Point of Presense (just like your major Internet Service

A POP would act as a central local place for debian/linux.
They would have

-	A registry of local advocates/professionals that know linux
-	A calendar of local/network linux items
-       They would be able to sell current versions of linux
-	A person who knows the above and current versions (sales person)
-	Knowledge of a place that has good bandwidth so that they can
		offer the current versions.

Ex: the would have been your place to go on July 24th to get a copy of
Debian 2.0

These POPs can be just a small section of a computer store or
they can be just a cubicle in an office but someplace that is rather

The advantage of a POP is that we can link debian users together so
that people would know that they are not the only people in the area
who uses debian. Also, going to the POP to get the recent debian
is much quicker than waiting for Cheap*Bytes to ship it to you.

Having a POP will also be a good way to increase usage of debian
in the main stream. (the POP can do local advertising)
I hope that the Debian Partners plane can be a good jump off for creating
these POP's.

Matthew Hirsch
Email: mph@dorsai.org            	Sat Nav: 40 46'deg N 73 59' deg W

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