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Re: Partners Program

  This is a good idea, however it would involve a great deal of organizing 
and money, and is probably not feasible at this time.  It would be a good 
idea to perhaps put the services you're suggesting on our web pages, but 
maintaining something along those lines world wide would take a lot of 
effort.  We already have a list of vendors (I think even organized by 
country) on our web pages.



In message <[🔎] 199807242023.QAA12266@amanda.dorsai.org>, Matthew Hirsch writes:
>The Debian Parterns Program should really try to setup points of
>precense in major cities world wide.
>The POP would not have to be very major but it would be a section of 
>an office/business place that would offer the following:
>-	a listing of linux advocates/professionals in the area
>-	offere the most recent version of debian for sale
>-	have a calendar of current events usefull to a linux/debian user.
>just a  few cents.

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