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Re: Debian ad: down to 2 choices

On Tue, 14 Jul 1998 treacy@debian.org wrote:

> It looks like we are down to two choices. 
> You can view Frederik's work (variation of Will's)
> at http://www.df.lth.se/~fax/debianad/v0.04/ .
> The only outstanding complaint about this (I think) is that it is too
> symmetric.
> Ean's is the first image at
> http://www.novare.net/~ean/debads.html
> Since there hasn't been an update of this yet, there
> are still a few outstanding issues.
>  - 2 typos (oppurtunity and volenteer)
>  - the D should be replaced with the Debian logo
>  - the URL for ordering CDs should be http://www.debian.org/vendors
>    (note: this page will be updated within a few days. New format
>    and hopefully a few new entries)
>  - the text is too long.
> Since the overall design of these probably won't change, I'd like
> everyone to cast a vote for whichever you prefer. We can then focus
> on making the final adjustments and getting this out the door.

Since the ad is going to be published in a Linux magazine I must say
that I prefer Ean's more committing approach to the one (more boring)
I've worked on (which may be more suitable if you want reach 

Therefore, if the D is replaced with Captain Blue Eye and the
version numbers are removed, I vote for "The GNU Way".

/Fredrik Ax

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