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Re: Debian ad: down to 2 choices

I love replying to my own mail.
Actually, I did this to clearly separate my personal views from
the summary. This would all be so much easier if I simply forced
my opinions down peoples throats. :)

> You can view Frederik's work (variation of Will's)
> at http://www.df.lth.se/~fax/debianad/v0.04/ .
> The only outstanding complaint about this (I think) is that it is too
> symmetric.
As I mentioned before, I don't agree in this case. The difference in color
between the two halves creates a nice mental barrier between the sides.

> Ean's is the first image at
> http://www.novare.net/~ean/debads.html
> Since there hasn't been an update of this yet, there
> are still a few outstanding issues.
>  - 2 typos (oppurtunity and volenteer)
>  - the D should be replaced with the Debian logo
>  - the URL for ordering CDs should be http://www.debian.org/vendors
>    (note: this page will be updated within a few days. New format
>    and hopefully a few new entries)
>  - the text is too long.
I don't agree that the text is too long. It isn't that long.

And finally...
My vote is for Ean's ad. The other is trying to go in too many directions
at once and doesn't grab the reader's attention.

Jay Treacy

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