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I've had enough.

        Well everyone, I've had a good time trying to help you,
but I am no longer going to deal with the hate mail and flame
mail I've recieved in the last few weeks. As an example, the
latest of such mails... (a repeat I might add) does follow:


StupidShit(tm) {will}

again you post to the list with your stupid ad. you have
stated yourself you don't even use debian, what the fuck
are you doin, even trying to make an ad. your art is
pathetic, and totally amatuer. you need to catch a fucking
clue, get the right distribution, read some up on why 
debian rocks the whole world, and take some classes in
graphic design. your complete work shows you have the
mentality of a child and the intelligence and ability of
a piece of granite. go back to school you fucking idiot
and stop bothering us all. 


        I've deleted the name of the sender, as that's not 
particularly important. I will admit, I'm not really strong
in the knowledge area of Debian GNU/Linux, but I have at 
least tried. At any rate, I guess it would have been nice
if it were a little different. 

Farewell all, I shall attempt to bother your no further
with the art I do.


Will LaShell
Gimp Artist
Systems Administrator

    Version: 3.1
    GB/CM/IT d- s+: a-- C++>$ UL++>$ P@ L+++>$ !E- W+ N++>$ !o K--? !w-- !O
!M-- V@ PS+@ PE Y>$ PGP- t>$
    5+ X+>$ R+>$ tv+ b++>$ DI++@ D+@ G@>$ e++ h+>$ r y? 
    ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------ 

-Mail: Will LaShell <wlashell@cland.net>   
 Date: 12-Jul-98     Time: 00:44:25

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