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Re: LJ ad update

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998 treacy@debian.org wrote:
> http://pobox.com/~hp/debianad.eps
> Comment: (just made by me)
>    If you are going to remove the text from the image, remove it all
>    the way - shrink the image enough to let if fit between the top
>    bottom text.

It wouldn't look good, IMO; same problem as the symmetry, it makes the ad
look like a collection of discrete, unrelated elements rather than a
unified whole. Try it and see. Of course, you didn't have a problem with
the symmetry either... ;-) But it doesn't matter much:
> If forced to choose at this time I'd go with Ean's. I really like the
> simplicity.

I like Ean's better too, I just spent the time to play with the penguin
one so I thought I'd post the results. I agree with another poster that
the logo should be added, but in B&W, maybe just a small version in the
same spot as the funky D. People can see the full-scale color logo on the
web site. Do that, fix the spelling, maybe make it less developer-centric,
and go with it. It's a good ad.

Havoc Pennington ==== http://pobox.com/~hp

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