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Re: I've had enough.

The address is real.. i even got a reply from him.
I didn't mind at all that people liked other ads
hell.. that's fine. I wanted to give my attempt to
help, as an artist as was asked for on the gimp 
irc channel.  It's sad to think that people can't
see past a distribution anymore. It's all linux
and we should stand together. not tear at someone
who was answering a request for help. *shrug*
just my thoughts, and I suppose I've become....
jaded... perhaps... over the last weeks. I wish
you well.

P.S.  On a second thought.. i'm going to send this
to the publicity list, just so noone else wonders
if the address was real and that it wasn't just a
fluke. It was real enough to hurt.

Thank you,

Will LaShell

On 12-Jul-98 Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Please accept my apologies that someone from Debian (if this person is
> even from Debian) saw fit to send you something like this. Are you sure
> the mail wasn't forged? It could well be someone thinking they're cute or
> trying to sabotage our efforts.  It seems hard to believe that this mail
> is real and someone sank so low. 
> I've much appreciated your efforts, and though I guess people are leaning
> toward the Novare ad yours was certainly a good ad as well and all
> contributions are appreciated. I hope you will not think this person is
> representative of Debian as a whole. 
> Unbelievable. I can't believe someone would send such an email. I hope
> you'll ignore them and treat this person like the beneath-notice moron 
> they are. 
> Best,
> Havoc Pennington ==== http://pobox.com/~hp 
> hp@debian.org

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-Mail: Will LaShell <wlashell@cland.net>   
 Date: 12-Jul-98     Time: 01:28:40

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