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Re: Version 0.02 and 0.03

Fredrik Ax wrote:

> Both directories contain the xfig file for others to work with and
> improve, one postscript and one encapsulated postscript version
> which probably is the format the LJ wants, and finally a "draft" jpg
> image for quick viewing in the browser (for lazy people that haven't
> cared about their .mailcap ... which of course don't apply to the
> Debian users since the tried and true packet manager does it for 
> them ;-) )
> Version 0.02 is mere corrections of spelling etc, and v0.03 is an
> attempt to get a non-symmetric version. I find it rather "messy"
> myself and really prefer v0.02, but it may serve as inspiration (?)
> for others to build on ... well, I hope somebody comes up with a
> better version if symmetry is that bad!

v0.02 is ok I think.

btw. "several windowmanagers" could be extended to "nearly all windowmanagers".
I only know of very few that are not included: tvtwm, awm (doesn't compile),

v0.03 looks chaotic.  This confuses people.  There are two headlines
in two different places, this is confuseing.



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