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Version 0.02 and 0.03


I've just added v0.02 and v0.03 directories at

Both directories contain the xfig file for others to work with and
improve, one postscript and one encapsulated postscript version
which probably is the format the LJ wants, and finally a "draft" jpg
image for quick viewing in the browser (for lazy people that haven't
cared about their .mailcap ... which of course don't apply to the
Debian users since the tried and true packet manager does it for 
them ;-) )

Version 0.02 is mere corrections of spelling etc, and v0.03 is an
attempt to get a non-symmetric version. I find it rather "messy"
myself and really prefer v0.02, but it may serve as inspiration (?)
for others to build on ... well, I hope somebody comes up with a
better version if symmetry is that bad!

Anyway, please check out the ads at 
and send me comments!


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