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the two new ads

On Sat, 4 Jul 1998, Fredrik Ax wrote:
> Any comments?

Wow, it's cool to have two ads to consider now. 

I think this version of Will LaShell's design looks better, in PostScript
anyway.  The jpeg version has lots of jaggies and the box border is too
wide. But I'm sure Linux Journal can take an eps (we should definitely
send them either xfig/DTP "source" or eps, a bitmap image is bad).
If the background isn't textured, IMHO go for plain white rather than the
gray; it doesn't really add anything.

Spelling: "window manager" should be two words, it's "package" not
"packet," "Desktop" shouldn't be capitalized.

Even with the larger headline/"Debian - get it today", the ad suffers from
symmetry. Two equal-sized halves is not good. One of the boxes needs to
shrink, disappear, relocate, reshape, or something. Perhaps remove the
box; then put the left-side text in a larger font spanning the whole ad,
and put the right-side text below it in a smaller font. Make the penguin
logo take up the whole ad. Then make the headline bigger. That's only one
possible approach. (if you post the .fig file with the vector objects,
rather than with a single image object, others can play with it.) 

Oh, another idea would be this:

   Debian GNU/Linux 

-------------- Penguin
-------------- Penguin
-------------- Penguin
Debian - GIT:   URL 

Have the penguin facing left, into the ad; make the headline bigger; unify
all of your text, and leave the penguin text-free. Text could be wrapped
to fit the penguin's shape. On the bottom: "Debian - Get it today:

I have to say I love the first of the Novare ads, this text is much more
inspiring than the feature list on the penguin ad. The second two Novare
ads are amusing but probably not quite "professional" enough. ;-)

The Novare ad is also nice because it has a huge, striking headline over
relatively small explanatory text; the clear dominant element is a big
plus.  That stark black-and-white look is very eye-catching in my opinion; 
I wonder if LJ has a cut rate on B&W, if so it's possible they'd permit a
bigger ad.

For the Novare ad, I'd replace the funky D with the Debian logo (in black
and white) (the D is fine, I just think we would want to use our logo),
take out the www.opencorp.com URL, fix the spelling errors, and then be
pretty happy with it.

I guess I'm up to .04, thanks for your patience. :-)

Havoc Pennington ==== http://pobox.com/~hp

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