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Re: ZDNet 'Leaning Towards Linux' Article

On Fri, Apr 03, 1998 at 03:53:49PM +0100, Philip Hands wrote:

> That's the only reason I commented on it.  The fact that the first mention of 
> it on debian-publicity, was also Cc'd to ZDNet seemed wrong to me.  In future 

In fact, it would be better to send it to the press and send a copy
(not a cc or bcc to avoid group replies / crosspostings) to debian-somelist.
We may bear this in mind for the next time.

> I think we need to give people a chance to comment on things that are going to 
> be sent out in the name of Debian, just to ensure that as many people as 
> possible get to proof read them, and so reduce the chance of us looking 
> foolish in public.

Ideally you're right.  Part of it was my fault who is swamped with a special
job until tonight and can't coordinate other things well during this time.  I
haven't realized that the mail got only to Ian and myself.  Sorry for that.

> > I am hoping to slide into a press speaker role for Debian and also write
> > some of the policy regarding press contacts.
> In that case, I suggest you are given an alias of something like 
> <spokesman@debian.org>, only to be used for sending out official press 
> releases.  Also, I think you should have a PGP key to be used only for press 
> releases, tagged with the spokesman address, with which you should sign all 
> official press releases, so there can be no confusion about what we're all 
> looking at.
> Another thing that made me suspicious is that I couldn't find any reference to 
> you on things like the maintainer list, so before you mail any other press 
> releases we need to make sure that the ....

Nils has submitted a request as maintainer parallel to the spokesperson

>   [ I just noticed that I've been Non-PC above --- but ``spokesperson''
>     an such an ugly word IMHO.   How about <speaker@debian.org>, as in
>     ``The Speaker of the House'' in Parliament                            ]
> .... ``speaker'' is mentioned on the ``People behind Debian'' page at the very 
> least.
> We should probably also have a web page devoted to press releases, stating
> how one can tell if something was really sent out officially, stating our 
> policy on issuing press releases, and recording all past press releases,
> open letters etc.

Hope we'll establish this.  Sent press releases should be available already.



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