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Re: ZDNet 'Leaning Towards Linux' Article

Nils Lohner <lohner@typhoon.icd.teradyne.com> wrote:
> I think some clarification is in order. I sent this mail after the following:
> - Two people on -devel (Ian Setford, Ray (jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl) asked 
> for a response to the ZDNet article.
> - I wrote the response and send it to iwj and Joey who commented on it, 
> OK'ed it and told me to send it.
> If this is not enough, I apologize.  Maybe public responses should be 
> discussed in this group before being sent?

That's the only reason I commented on it.  The fact that the first mention of 
it on debian-publicity, was also Cc'd to ZDNet seemed wrong to me.  In future 
I think we need to give people a chance to comment on things that are going to 
be sent out in the name of Debian, just to ensure that as many people as 
possible get to proof read them, and so reduce the chance of us looking 
foolish in public.

> I am hoping to slide into a press speaker role for Debian and also write
> some of the policy regarding press contacts.

In that case, I suggest you are given an alias of something like 
<spokesman@debian.org>, only to be used for sending out official press 
releases.  Also, I think you should have a PGP key to be used only for press 
releases, tagged with the spokesman address, with which you should sign all 
official press releases, so there can be no confusion about what we're all 
looking at.

Another thing that made me suspicious is that I couldn't find any reference to 
you on things like the maintainer list, so before you mail any other press 
releases we need to make sure that the ....

  [ I just noticed that I've been Non-PC above --- but ``spokesperson''
    an such an ugly word IMHO.   How about <speaker@debian.org>, as in
    ``The Speaker of the House'' in Parliament                            ]

.... ``speaker'' is mentioned on the ``People behind Debian'' page at the very 

We should probably also have a web page devoted to press releases, stating
how one can tell if something was really sent out officially, stating our 
policy on issuing press releases, and recording all past press releases,
open letters etc.

Cheers, Phil.

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