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Re: ZDNet 'Leaning Towards Linux' Article

Nils Lohner <lohner@typhoon.icd.teradyne.com> writes:

> I think some clarification is in order. I sent this mail after the following:
> - Two people on -devel (Ian Setford, Ray (jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl) asked 
> for a response to the ZDNet article.
> - I wrote the response and send it to iwj and Joey who commented on it, 
> OK'ed it and told me to send it.

Well IMHO, they were wrong for doing so.  I don't think articles,
which are IMO inaccurate and needlessly provocative, should be sent
out with zero public discussion.  If others disagreed with me fine,
but I wasn't even given the chance to comment until after the fact.
> Maybe public responses should be discussed in this group before
> being sent?



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