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Re: Debian and GitLab Open Source Partnership

On Mon, 2021-07-26 at 16:56 +0200, Jonathan Carter wrote:
> On 2021/07/26 15:50, Ansgar wrote:
> > It is indeed very explicit about including non-free packages if
> > possible:
> > 
> > +---
> > > We encourage CD manufacturers to read the licenses of the
> > > packages in
> > > these areas and determine if they can distribute the packages on
> > > their CDs.
> > +---
> > 
> > I believe the licenses of most firmware should pose no problem for
> > their inclusion on Debian's CD images.
> The text you quoted covers 3rd party distributors who wish to
> includethe firmware on media that they would distribute (which would
> not be considered official Debian media either).

It doesn't say "3rd party CD manufacturers", so I assume it means all
groups creating CD images.

> For official media, it would go against #1 of the SC and (depending
> on the exact firmware) at least #2 and #3 of the DGSG.

Including files for optional use does not imply that non-free
components are required, so it doesn't violate SC #1: We already
include non-free packages in the archive. Surely taking the archive and
putting it on a BluRay doesn't turn the free system available from the
archive into a non-free system that requires use of non-free

Obviously packages in non-free don't need to comply with the DFSG, no
matter whether including in the archive or on BluRay images.


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