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Re: Debian and GitLab Open Source Partnership

Hi Marc

On 2021/07/26 12:05, Marc Haber wrote:
>> Debian as a project actively promoting open core software would be quite 
>> a change since so far Debian was the major distribution pushing the most 
>> for a system with only free software as defined by the Debian Free 
>> Software Guidelines.
> I agree. As long as we still ship installation DVDs that won't cleanly
> install on the majority of end-user workstation hardware and even on a
> sizeable portion of server hardware, call this a feature and dismiss the
> working DVD image as "unofficial and not part of Debian proper" this
> looks at least a bit skewed. 

Do you mind explaining your statement?

As far as shipping non-free software/firmware/drivers are concerned, the
Debian Free Software Guides and Social Contract is very explicit about
what we can do in what we call Debian. It's a very far stretch to
compare DFSG free software, which the upstream also has non-free
versions of, to including non-free software on any kind of installation


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