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Re: Debian and GitLab Open Source Partnership

Hi Pierre,

On 7/25/21 12:19 PM, Pierre-Elliott Bécue wrote:
> Out of the blue, without any more context and content, I am not sure to
> be happy with this news.
> To me, such a partnership is something quite stronger than sponsorship
> and I'd be a bit ill-at-ease with it being done without the whole Debian
> Members being consulted.
> Last but not least, what kind of data would be shared regarding how we
> use gitlab in Debian?
Apologies if you thought this was out of the blue, we are currently and
still in the process of bringing the awareness of the partnership to the
 community prior to the main announcement, but as with any news it is
about the timing of the message delivery.

Rest assured there were several hands on our side that went into the
initial discussions from Debian Partners to DebConf Sponsors, to the
DPL, and Press, all of us tasked with seeing things through that will
benefit the project.

We have many Partners[1] working with and helping to support Debian,
this particular partnership starts with each of us promoting each others
conferences, sponsorships, and then expanding the relationship forward
into the future with the other items mentioned.

The data sharing as I understand it is only toward a Case Study of how
Debian uses GitLab, it would be with information that we provide to them
on our use, selection, and goals. As more information about the Case
Study becomes available we will be sure to share it with the community.


Be well,


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