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Re: Some thoughts about Diversity and the CoC


Charles Plessy:
> […]
>> politely and patiently educate the privileged ones.
> Just a side comment: at the moment in France "priviledged ones" is a
> derogatory term to fingerpoint people who use their right to go on
> strike.  So please do not be surprised if at least some French people
> dislike being told that they are priviledged.  (Not to mention the heads
> of priviledged people cut off a couple hundred years ago.)  I think that
> everything you rightly say about how hard it is to understand how other
> suffer if we do not suffer it ourselves, can be written as effectively
> without categorizing others as "priviledged".

Well, "being privileged" is always relative to others. In the context of
this thread, the privileged are the cis-gender males. That means men who
were assigned male at birth.
Nothing to do with kings or the one in the street.

Most people have privileges compared to others. There is no binary way
to sort the privileged ones on one side and the oppressed ones on the
other side.

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