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Upstream metadata to help our users contribute back to projects we redistribute.

Hello everybody,

(posted on -project because of the context, but answers probably
belong to -devel, where I am not subscribed...)

there is an intersting discussion going on about Git and the preferred
form for modification of the programs we redistribute.

Indeed, as of today would be hard to say « just run “apt-get source
<packagename>” and voilà, you can hack and contribute back upstream ».

There has been now and in the past (for instance when discussing the
proposed format “3.0 (Git)” for dpkg) some important points raised
explaining the challenge of redistributing the upstream VCS instead of a
flat file archive.

This is why some packges are shipping metadata indicating where to find
the upstream sources, send upstream bugs, or even where to dontate
money, in order to help our users contribute back to the developement
of the software that Debian is made of.

For many of you, I am sure that it is only a reminder.  But in any case
please have a look at https://wiki.debian.org/debian/upstream and
https://wiki.debian.org/AppStream for details.

Have a nice day,


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