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Re: Cultural differences and how to handle them

On 03/07/2019 13:54, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> BTW:
> Was your longer reply to me intentionally only Cc'ed to 
> antiharassment/listmaster/leader, or could you forward
> it also to debian-project?
> There is nothing private involved, and if you want want action to
> be taken against me for my statements in this discussion then let's
> discuss this openly.

I want to take the opportunity to make it clear to Adrian and everyone
else that CCing Anti-Harassment, or forwarding emails, is not a request
for taking actions against a person.

We accept and encourage members of the community to engage the AH team
early in situations where there are risks of escalating into serious
misbehaviour; or when small but negative actions are seen, as to let us
work with the person before that becomes a persistent pattern.

Note that I am not saying anything about Adrian in particular, the
conversation in general has been deteriorating, and I think everyone
would do well in trying to listen to the "other" side, and disagree
respectfully. In many cases, acknowledging that positions are
irreconcilable and stopping the debate can be a good outcome too.

Martina Ferrari (Tina, the artist formerly known as Tincho)

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