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Re: Appeal procedure for DAM actions

Joerg Jaspert dijo [Mon, Jan 07, 2019 at 11:27:35PM +0100]:
> Hello everyone,
> One of the things that emerged from the recent discussions around DAM
> actions is that we are missing a way to review or appeal DAM's decision.
> Currently the only way to do this is running a full-featured GR, with all
> the negative side effects such a process has.
> (...)

Thank you very much, Joerg (and DAM team) for coming up with this
proposal. I have just returned to work after a month off, and my brain
isn't yet 100% wired to be productive again (WAY off 100%, I'd say),
but this really looks like a good (although perfectible - but what
isn't?) answer to our current situation.

I hope this helps the current tensions (to name them mildly) to be
relaxed and lets us sort out of the issue without further harm to the

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